He doesn’t act, walk, or talk like a humble man, but he’s a world lot less dangerous than the binary alternative. You’re right I think, he sees it as a management challenge which has both good and bad implications but is MUCH better than centralized socialist dictatorship. He also sees foreign policy as a negotiating forum, which is good.

I’m ashamed of how much I voted over the years for the lesser of two evils. Not much choice this year, by which I mean the evil of one wicked witch, daughter of Jezebel, makes it not much of a choice. Choice: The war-mad Libya destructress and butcher of Towargah, or the one who says intervention is a mistake and blows the whistle on the lies of George Bush. Choice: “Putin is a Hitler” vs. “I can work with him”. Choice: Taxpayer-extorted subsidies for the biggest aborticide provider vs. the now anti-abortion guy? Choice: Rapist protector vs. women defender?

Choice: Sharia law advocate (men can beat wives, no votes for women, men’s testimony counts for twice the woman’s), VS. anti-Sharia advocate.

Choice: Campaign money from Sharia-law state rulers, VS campaign money from “middle America” and its self-defense defenders and free-market advocates?

Choice: Play chicken with Russia using bombers and fighter jets over Syria, or work with Russia to end ISIS? Choice: Assad must go, vs. leave one of the last best protectors of Christians and other non-Muslims in the Middle East? Choice: Crooked Clinton Foundation State Department fire sale, or builder with hundreds of building foundations? Choice: More subsidized “easy” no-sponsor immigrant importation, or end to subsidized “easy” no-sponsor immigration? Choice: Thought police or true thought diversity? Choice: Big-government big-corporation “free trade agreement” that globalize the same failures of the central power-mad political class, –OR– “renegotiation”. The list is endless. Both have flaws. For example, they both have mouthed support for welfare programs. One of them wants to expand the Obama-era prosperity-killing policies, the other wants end them he says. One wants to make Obamacare even worse than it already is, another wants to “replace” it, naming some details that are indeed better.

The biggest tilting factor is war. MAKE PEACE NOT WAR.

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