Darwinian texts built on frauds

It’s not just Leakey taking a chain saw to the “Lucy” bones to make it fit the Darwinian mythology. Except now he showed his fraud to a camera and said it was to “restore” it to the “real” one. With scientists doing this stuff, and scientism now a religious faith in modern academia, no wonder some few proclaim they’re mutilating their own natural bodies to make it emulate what they say they “really” are.

Hoeckel most definitely did his fraud with malicious purpose. That’s why his own university reprimanded him for it. It is amazing that people are not laughing their behinds off at this stuff and that today’s universities swallow it whole!

For example He drew what he called micro-organisms that appeared spontaneously at the bottom of the ocean, and put those drawings into his writings. He knew that they were fake because we know they don’t exist, and Pasteur demonstrated with the scientific method that it does not happen. The same thing with the embryonic (and moronic) fraudulent representations of chicken and human embryonic growth.

His fraudulent writings and drawings was in my kids’ biology class textbooks in the 1990s!

There is a reason that you don’t see very much use of microbiology, biochemistry, medical advances as evidence of biology. When disciplines like molecular biology, biochemistry, were new as full-time study areas, a fearless believer in the Darwinian faith would rush to be the first to make a connection and they got a brick wall instead. Too bad those days were before the Internet, they sent the publications into oblivion.

I got a look in a local newspaper once about a study of the structure of an organic compound related to insulin metabolism, one that varied among organisms, although it fulfilled the same function. The scholars expected to find that the differences would parallel Darwinian ideas.

That organic biochemical confounded them. The differences between the human and chimp versions were more than between a human and an earthworm!

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