Kaepernick, SF Quaerterback and the US National Anthem

First, disclaimers and thoughts and reactions to the Kapernick controversy.


About the USA, the nation, one good idea in my opinion is that we would all be better off if all nations declared independence and seceded from the United Nations, the European Union disbanded, the OAS dissolved itself, and provinces and states dissolved their respective national governments.

One meaning of “nation” was always referring to language or tribal or ethnic groups. Let the Cherokees themselves have 100 percent sovereignty, for example. Some of us remember the song from the 1960s: “Cherokee Nation shall return.. shall return..”


I do not like the national anthem of the United States of America. If you see me sit through it, it’s not because I agree with Kaepernick, or because I’m a Jehovah’s Witness member, or because I’m a Black Lives Matter supporter. Nope. Nor am I a 1960s radical burning the flag.

The national anthem “Star Spangled Banner” is all about bombs and guns and cannons and naval battles. Oh and by the way it

Why not “America the Beautiful”?! Or, “My country t’is of thee”!


What about the individuals of other groups? Blacks are not the only ones who are abused in the land. Western ranchers have been getting pushed off the land, girls in ghettos doing neighbors’ hair. Christians sent to prison because they refuse to sign off on official marriage license. Fines of $100,000 for refusing to bake a cake with a message that violates their conscience.

Black and white veterans who cannot get gun permits because some doctor reported the wrong thing. Innocent white babies and black babies, defenseless in the womb, massacred by the tens of millions while they are still in what should be the safest place for them. And disproportionate numbers among people of color.


How about adding the genocide victims of Hillary Clinton’s war on Libya? The entire town of Towargah, of 10,000 black-skinned souls (*1), descendants of slaves, wiped out surely for two reasons: the Arab “rebels”, armed and supported with training and intelligence pushed into play by Hillary Clinton herself, they despised blacks and the townspeople were united and enthusiastic in fighting for Gaddafi and against the rebels.

((*1) – Wikipedia mentions one official (?) number of 30,000 inhabitants)

Contrary to the disinformation in the Plutocrat Controlled Media, Gaddafi armed any civilians that wanted them, knowing they would help defend him.

they were enthusiastic

. Before HRC’s war on Libya, and just after, a quick search for the aforementioned town’s name turned up on Google lists, but I tried the other day with Google and got nothing on the first page.

A search on Bing, though, turns several similarly-spelled names for the town. Wikipedia lists several different names for it: “Tawergha, also transliterated Tawarga, Tauorga, Taworgha, Tawurgha or Torghae”. Looks like they missed the spelling I saw when the story caught my eye.

Wikipedia at least acknowledges it was an “ethnic cleansing” incident, but apparently downplayed the racial angle to this story, although they do mention the black slave ancestry of the town’s inhabitants.



Kaerpanick is a success story for an “African-American”. How about we go back to Martin Luther Kings’ principle. It used to be one of his most-often repeated quotes. It was about judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.

Here is a country with an African-American president where a man worth some $114 million by one report can complain that people like him are mistreated. Memo to Mr. Kap: Hello, we are ALL mistreated, all us subjects of the realm, while the powerful rulers manipulate people who have been blessed into thinking this way. Of course he’s not manipulated, it’s that identity groupthink promoted by all the Controlled Plutocrat Big Corp Media-Government Complex bathes you in it every day.


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