Us to global socialists –Leave us alone!

Used to be that the well-funded “left-leaning” “gay community organizers” (never what they claim to be really) –and before that Jews– claimed they just wanted to be left alone to live their lives.

Then they went to claims on tax-extortion supported state-blessed marriage (most gays did not care about that until they were told to). Those “organizers” called it “equality”.

Then they went to joining the leftist choir, as if reading from the same Wagner musical composition, the leftist choir that now interferes in our bedrooms, our jobs, our investments, our movements, our security (claiming its for our security when it’s really theirs they want to protect from “we the people”), our children, our elderly, our doctors, our insurance, our choices, our religions and our guns, and.. Wow! They are now ordering us to share our bathrooms with whoever feels like making us share it!


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