Too many Americans whose blind-faith loyalty…

There are too many Americans whose blind-faith loyalty is to the new global-socialist-regime built with the help of hedge fund money-changer billionaires like George Soros (search the hack on his files), and multi-national corporations. Oligarchs pretend to be socialist (equality) but they consider themselves bigger than “we the people”.

They don’t want us to realize the impact of the fact that “we the people” are more than them. And that’s why most of the manipulators hide behind a wall of secrecy.

But friends of “we the people” are publicizing their semi-public faces they tried to keep secret before: Davos,
Trilateral Commission,
33rd level Masons (the subset allowed to the most upper chambers), Illuminati,
Albert Pike’s homage to Lucifer,
Saul Alinsky’s dedication to Satan,
Jekyll Island,
the “free trade” agreements that block free trade and set up unelected globalist regional political dictatorships, so-called United Nations (set up by spy Alger Hiss and fellow connivers), European Commission (unelected decree factory),
George Soros’ many funded political operations everywhere,
the many leftist billionaire-funded Foundations,
the funding of global warming science pimps,
Drone Monochrome Doublespeak Media,
Fake “Christians”,
social justice warrior drones…


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