The ZEDE’s in Honduras march on, at turtle’s pace

Some leftist mouths say that the new economic zones in Honduras are a loss of sovereignty. They lie, and they fool some less knowledgeable followers. They lie because they know that this was a creation of the elected representatives of the Honduran people.

They also lie because they are the ones who pushed -and still push- for a Soros-Chavez figurehead and for subjugation to international and globalist masters.

What a bunch of hooey. My wife is from Honduras. We cheered when they right announced this ZEDE effort.

Hondurans did a LOT of research on how other countries went from abject poverty to wealthy, and got the right people in charge of studying and planning. This whole plan is a HONDURAN SOVEREIGN DECISION. Those renegade judges had their own reasons for blocking the first initiative. Who knows, maybe Venezuela offered the judges the same money they had offered to Micheletti to resign and let the Chavez surrogate back in power, $3 million. They were grabbing more power than the Constitution allowed and so the impeachment was in order.

Zelaya was a renegade “elected” president (scare quotes are intentional) who was issuing his own decrees instead of publishing Congress’ legislation as required, he enforced his own project to make his auto-coup “official” instead of the law, and robbed millions.

The government’s own “fiscal general” (Attorney General) sought the warrant to arrest him for these crimes against the law, against the people, and the Supreme Court ordered Zelaya’s arrest. He was photographed escorted from the Palace fully suited up. That theater he pulled in Costa Rica, changing into pajamas for the Press, was somebody’s idea of PR. “Prison or resign and exile, Mr. President?” Mr. Piti-Chavez: “Okay, exile”.

Now comes a chance for Honduras to set up zones that treat investors (including Hondurans) decently, something Hondurans rejoiced to hear about. Complaints against the corruption in politics there and the crime and all ring very hollow when compared to the plans that the Honduran Congress itself overwhelmingly voted for (twice, because that’s a requirement for constitutional amendments).

As an anarcho-capitalist myself, there are elements I don’t like about some of the ways it’s implemented and applied.

But this project is WAY MUCH better than what they’ve got. Even as slow as it’s going. Leftists like George Soros the billionaire would prefer Honduras stay in the muck and mire so he can import more Hondurans into the US, free room and board and medical care promised to them, to disrupt the freedom-oriented American culture he so despises.


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  1. safariman Says:

    Good to read the truth about Honduras. I’m a formar Americano who has lived in Honduras for 21 years. I’ve seen it all. Hope We make progress in this situation.

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