Give peace a chance

You cannot trust Left-Crony Media. It’s not just the old broadcast and cable news channels, and old newspapers. There’s plenty of intellectually-challenged thinking leaking out onto the web pages of web-based news and opinion sites like Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, and several others.

Here’s an example from the Huntington Post, putting the comment in a context to make it appear Obama was the first one to invade Afghanistan, but omitting two really BIG facts, listed below the excerpt from their web page:

A spokesperson for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has blamed President Barack Obama for invading Afghanistan ― a foreign policy decision he never made.

“Remember we weren’t even in Afghanistan by this time,” Katrina Pierson told CNN early Saturday. “Barack Obama went into Afghanistan creating another problem.”

“That was Obama’s war,” she declared later in the program, when asked to clarify if she meant Obama was responsible for its launch.

Factoid they left out is that Obama consistently, from his time in the Illionois Senate to his campaign in 2008, while (correctly) criticizing the war in Iraq, because the evidence for WMDs was not good enough. He said the war in Afghanistan was the “good” war.

They also left out that he had said the only troops still in Afghanistan were for support of the Afghan locals. But Obama had to go back in.

In fact, he expanded the American-involved wars to Yemen, Libya and then Syria, and he gets all the blame and credit for it all. The neo-cons cannot complain much.

Now the neo-cons are backing Hillary Rodham Clinton because she is now the warmonger (Obama was too soft for her) and Trump wants to back off from provoking more wars and interventions. He’s right to say we cannot afford these wars anymore.

Some leftists don’t care, others refuse to think about it, and then there are quite a lot of Sanders fans that refuse to vote for her for the same reasons they backed Sanders. HRC is a walking invitation to another Cold War that today is MUCH more dangerous because she supports arming the Ukrainians against the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, and because the three Baltic nations might pull NATO into a war with Russia because they are bitter against the Russian-dominated Soviet era, and would love to see them get poked at.

Make PEACE not war.


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