Deir Yassin

I am fully aware of the official Israeli “explanation” for Deir Yassin. To be in denial about it is not just “dolt-y” but to be in intellectual and moral denial. Ahab and Jezebel were rulers in Israel but they were of the devil. The rulers of today’s Israel have no better moral standing than those wicked rulers of ancient Israel. The politically favored Orthodox sects there have to scrub their hands in chlorine after shaking them with a Christian, and even the more secular-minded Netanyahu has the common sense to hold his spit while meeting with a Southern Baptist before he turns it into a projectile aimed at the garbage afterward.

Deir Yassin is historical fact. The protestations of an excape corridor are no excuse because the obvious threat was to wipe out any civilians remaining and they obviously DID carry out the threat. There was an eyewitness who visited the remains of the town and reported on it. The detail includes the rotting flesh of human remains.

ETHNIC CLEANSING at its ugliest it was.

They say the victor writes the history. Jesus told the Pharisees they were of their father the Devil, because he is the father of lies. Today’s Orthodox over there actually brag proudly of being their spiritual descendants! That state is a SECULAR state founded by SOCIALISTS who had no interest in Biblical principles. They were, and are, no doubt the same ones manipulating the whole world into helping them build their New World Dictatorship.


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