Bill Clinton with another load of bull

Bill Clinton now accusing FBI Director Comey of “bull”:

This is the guy who told us, wagging his finger at the cameras, he “never had sex with that woman”, and just the other day told the world that he has had a story-book marriage to Hillary Clinton. Now as we ALL know now, this bed-of-roses fantasy IS INDEED a “load of bull”.

BUT there is a hidden message in those words too for involved parties, and a hidden implication. AND he is exposing the REAL reason that he well may believe that Comey did not bring charges against Hillary Clinton: that there were all these other people, career diplomats, that were exchanging emails with HIllary Rotten Clinton.

In other words, he is also implying, if Comey would have brought charges against her, he would have to consider charges against all those other State Department employees.

That does no good for actually proving anything. But Bill being a much better messenger with a “load of bull”, meaning a much better liar-by-commission and liar-by-omission, he is the one to say this.


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