Is a government-subsidized (heavily!) welfare-fueled immigration program truly “open borders”?

Another one that thinks the government’s subsidized program importing Latinos and Muslims and anybody else is something they can call libertarian because the anti-liberty media slapped a fraudulent label of “open borders” on it:

The “bionic mosquito” blog has done a good job of explaining all this, but it sparked a train of thought.

In another, eh, what, irony? Quickly enough after Israel declared “independence” in 1948, almost all the Islamic governments around them banned entry to anybody and everybody who had already first visited Israel. No matter what “religion” they were. However, I have seen this article and the Bionic’s, and as a totally anarchist capitalism- and free-market advocate, from this perspective it is clear that his is the better application of libertarian principle at this time.

Why? For the same time I denounce ALL the recent “free trade agreements”. How gullible can a libertarian be, some of whom actually think these treaties establish free trade among its signatories!! Since when is an agreement between two governments (think “mafiosis” as Rothbard considered them) negotiating a “fixed” government-mandated price-percentage reduction for their favored multi-national companies, SINCE WHEN is THAT a “free trade” anything??!*? Especially one that sets up yet another layer of commands for us peons with yet another layer of liberty-killing political dictatorship? Like Europe’s peoples were conned into? This recent migrations powered by this fraudulently labelled “open borders” thing is 100% consistent with a plot hatched by the one-worlder globalist architects in moving towared their vision of the coming global dictatorship. It is announced directly from the White House, who left it to their Globalist-Socialist News Agencies of their own drone-minded globalist media cartel to proclaim “locally” in the poor countries that these rich (ahem, “Western”-culture and Christian-legacy) countries would receive them with open arms now, make sure they eat better than they ever did in their lives, have a comfortable room to sleep in, toys for their tots, and the comforts of home –not the “comforts” of the shacks they left behind but the comforts of the homes of Berlin and of middle America.

What we are watching is another GOVERNMENT PROGRAM, disguised as “allowing” people in to grab their advantage, a method to break down the society in the USA that represents the strongest liberty-minded nation in the world. They KNOW they are forcing conflicts and culture clashes by putting people in the midst of Christian middle America that come from places where Christians were treated as less than full citizens, and where abuses against them were generally tolerated.

You think Obama does not know the violent trouble he’s causing, already started? Remember he said people like YOU and ME were “afraid of change” and that’s the only reason we “cling to [our] guns and [our] religion”. He’s plopping Muslims from Syria in the middle of that. Immigrants from Syria–oh yes, making it a LOT harder for Syrian Christians than Muslims, as shown in their own numbers. And where are the Druze and the other non-Muslims from Syria that make up giant numbers in Syria?

Obama now has a reputation among so-called “open borders” advocates that call him the “deporter-in-chief” by the numbers. Duh, yeah, hey, if your GOVERNMENT is inviting them into our neighborhoods and promising to take care of them, you get so many numbers that the fraction you send packing (even if they’re the worst) is bigger numbers than before, well, that’s what you get. Along with a cry to bring even more in.

Even before Obama, the USA received more than any other country in the world. And until they made it a friendly environment to bash Christians and preach jihad, people more or less lived peacefully.

And the ones inflicting us with this situation and robbing us blind to do it (by hook, crook, tax extortion, and money devaluation), are moralizing to us about “that’s not who we are”, as the KENYAN-AMERICAN said, who has gone against almost everything “American”.

And the worst thing is maybe the gullible libertarians who echo the same preaching about it. Sad. The truth is the truth though.


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