Experience? What does it take to get her to stop killing us with all that experience?

Lots of lousy experience in mass murder, intimidation, losing track of evidence under subpoena, guilty of “extreme recklessness” with computer security, a multi-million dollar slush fund, secret speeches to Wall Street crony bankers, pushing to fight for air space over Syria, voting for war against one of the then last protectors of Christians in the Middle East in an illegal war based on lies, inviting another “Cold War”, supporting the coup-installed government in Ukraine, promising to continue to catastrophic policies of Obama, threatening to make Obamacare even worse, demanding that girls be ordered into combat against terrible misogynistic cultures, demanding silence from her husband’s rape victims, pushing to make it a felony in her 1992-3 health plane to seek your own doctor for medical treatment..

Man oh man What the hell does she have to do to get FIRED?


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