Why libertarians lean more Trump than socialist Hillary

“Libertarianism” is properly defined by the non-aggression principle. No coercion.

Hence Ayn Rand acolytes are not “pure” libertarians. Many “objectivists” oppose property rights in matters of “discrimination”, for example. They also demand more help to the very much non-libertarian state of Israel. And re-define the Palestinian Arabs as subhuman, that is, “savages”. Too many Muslims are, and no doubt a LOT of Muslims secretly hope for true peace.

Gary Johnson speaks as if he would leave most of the troops in the 150 countries where they are now stationed, bleeding the economy dry. He said Christian bakers should do a cake that blesses a gay wedding, AND that a Jewish baker should be required to bake a cake with any message a Nazi would require. Weld is BIG on welfare and warfare himself; “food stamps”, Medicare, Medicaid, whatever.

Trump’s pronouncements are much more non-aggression principle, although still severely lacking many areas. Walk back from out-dated NATO. Rethink TPP, NAFTA. Consider Ukraine in terms of US interests instead of encircling Russia and trying to control the world. Telling the truth: Bush lied us into Iraq and it’s a mess. Obama and HRC (Hillary) made a big unholy mess in Libya, and made Syria worse.

And government immigration policy packaged as “open borders” is no such thing. This latest especially is SUBSIDIZED immigration. They get freebies galore, not as bad as Europe seems like, but nonetheless.


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