To Khan and Dems: What about the 10,000 Libyans killed in Libya in Hillary’s al-Qaeda war?

Where was the forceful Islamic condemnation in the speech from Hillary’s Khan against the Islamist radicals who claim they kill innocent people for Allah?

This Khan guy waved the Constitution at Trump?? What about the 10,000 dead in Towargah, Libya, in Hillary’s unconstitutional war? Slaughtered by Al Qaeda their friends and allies, a town wiped out by radicals who said they acted for Khan’s god.

Everybody who was paying attention has known that ALL the leading Christian voices in Christian media have loudly condemned every act of violence against anybody claiming to act in the name of Christianity. Loudly. The media has tried to blame all Christians for the acts of insane loners, and even there, those who were paying attention found that in the details, they more often than not turned out to be motivated by other things, not Christians at all, and likely Democrat Party by registration.

There are many Muslims who do condemn these acts of violence. The press does not often put them on without a thousand disclaimers. It is the leftist press and the chauvinist government and plutocrat ruling class that from the beginning of Bush’s illegal wars. Instead they pull out the self-righteous dividers who jump to push special rights and considerations for Muslims (over Christians, Hindus and Jews) and then later claim that anti-Islamist sentiment is a bigger problem than what they say are a few violent Islamists.

They won’t say “radical Islamists” because their real hope is to include Christians in their surveillance-controlled police state. Psalm 2 tells us about their plots, and Revelation 13 tells us their goals.

When Anders Behring Breivik, who had declared himself as an atheist in his blog, killed at least 77 people of a Christian youth group who were enjoying an outing on an island in Norway, in protest against the Islamization of Europe, he had declared in his blog.

CNN rushed to label him as a “Christian fundamentalist”, based on his blog writings BASED ON LAZY REPORTING, because the guy declared on that same blog he was ATHEIST. That means they only made up the ‘fundamentalist” based on their own prejudice and bias and let’s call it what it is, their hate, because like Jesus said the world will hate his followers.

These billionaire oligarchs want to divide their subjects, their victims, into groups that hate each other, whether it’s by religion, ethnicity, nationality, tribal origins, so they can eventually offer their own brand of Pax Tyrannis. And depopulation.


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