The Real Story Behind The Turkish Coup

One story had the two rebel jets finding Erdogan’s plane and issuing orders to land but never shot at his plane. Another said they couldn’t find his plane. I think Turkey’s populace was prepped for this, like Iran for Khomeini.

The coup does not smell like a straight story. Disraeli blew the whistle on things like this in “politics”.

To me, the anti-Chavez coup was obviously an auto-coup, with him safely offshore on a Venezuelan island in an Air Force base. Thugs he had already armed patrolling the streets and breathing threatenings against opponents. Set it off with government thugs shooting into the one-million-strong peaceful protest march. Military coup plotters cleared of ALL charges by the Chavista-installed Supreme Court in a near-total blacklisted news story.

Same thing in Russia. Diane Sawyer rides in to the Kremlin to interview Yeltsin, electricity never cut off to the place by the coup plotters, everybody laughing with each other and having a good time like they just ordered pizza. Laughing in our faces.

Gorbachev safely ensconsed in his vacation home in the south of Russia with his family under “house arrest”, pool and all, and the top coup plotters all cleared of all charges by THAT Supreme Court too.

But oh my gosh. The Honduran Supreme Court issues legal orders for Zelaya’s arrest for a long list of abuses (add it up to an auto-coup) when the government’s own attorney general brings charges, and the world calls it a coup. It was a counter-coup against an auto-coup.

My wife and step-kids are from Honduras. A friend of the family was worried during those days in 2009 because his uncle was in the Zelaya cabinet. Zelaya (socialist by then declared) had gifted him a million dollars, told him “Stick with me” because he was going to be president for life. Hillary called Micheletti and ordered him to resign to let Zelaya back in power. He said No! She asked what it would take (meaning how much, wink wink) and he said only an invasion. Chavez plainly offered him $3 million, and he said No! So Chavez poured so much money in to pay for protestors (a family cousin got in on it) that the lempira soared 10 percent against the dollar. Nope.

Changed history for awhile anyway. Socialist president of El Salvador said, uh, second thought, No, to Chavez’ oil club. Paraguay impeached the runaway leftist ex-priest priest. Caracas mayor pined for Honduran testicles. An ex-Guatemalan president giddily suggested joining with Honduras to coordinate foreign policy. And more. Unreported in Globalist News Cartel.

Contrast the glee by the international press with the Ukraine coup, and some giddiness over the Turk coup.


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