IP Laws Are Crippling Innovation

“IP” laws cripple new development, and besides, they DO NOT WORK for the stated purpose anyway except for the politically connected. Sometimes I wonder if the inclusion of copyright and patent in the U. S. Constitution was a favor to the political power of Benjamin Franklin.

The Hollywood entertainment industry has a vice-grip lock on distribution channels, and they are some of the biggest IP-pirates there are. The blockbuster Cimarron is an example, I know from some personal friends. The script sent to them from the real author was rejected by Hollywood studios but shortly thereafter it hit the cinemas.

Friend told me once that their laser copier parts company had all kinds of problems because the Japanese would tweak a little something and that would get them a new patent. Obviously the “music industry” does the same thing.

Open source is evidence that the best creators of ideas, as long as they don’t have to worry about eating, appreciate freedom from the way IP laws work.

In fact Richard Stallman told one biographer that the reason he first came up with the GPL was that there was a company that copied out some functions in their hacked-out code and copyrighted it.


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