Christopher Manion: “Comey Will Have to Resign”

"Comey Will Have to Resign":


Mr. Comey and his wife have five kids. They have a life. And the danger involved in fighting America’s Corrupt Junta is very real. One friend of mine in Central America who crossed his criminal president had to stay in his walled-in residence — and keep his wife and kids there too. They could not leave their home for FIVE YEARS.

And now our Banana Republic is no better than those in Central America.

Comey’s reputation is shot, but his family is safe. He will have a career, of sorts, and his family’s financial future is assured….

…see the rest of it…

</end quote>

Add to the parade of intimidation, the case of the UN official and his suicide? or the crushed neck accident? or the crushed neck suicide? – just days before his testimony in the FBI criminal investigation was to happen.


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