Margaret Sanger’s sins cannot be covered by Washington Post

In an article obviously written to pardon Margaret Sanger for her efforts to stop the “human weeds” from breeding, the Washington Post has corroborated the worst accusations against Margaret Sanger. But they wrapped them in packages with labels that say “Not so bad”, and “Nothing to see here”, including the quote from her own mouth about recruiting blacks to avoid word getting out that it’s an effort to exterminate blacks.

Yes, they want to prevent blacks from breeding, they established a “Negro Project” to that effect, but they didn’t really mean it? Despite doing it?

What do they have to say about Sanger’s talks to a Ku Klux Klan group?

What do they say about her own invitation to Hitler’s chief eugenecist?


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  1. madblog Says:

    Read the comments below the WP article…very good.

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