Climategate continues: Tax credits are not subsidies

A commenter on a Daily Caller article had what she thought was a retort to the mention that “alternative energy” are only viable with government subsidies, posting a figure of some 500 billion of subsidies for energy companies.

That figure is worldwide. In the U.S., direct fossil fuel subsidies is less that the official figure between $17 and $20 billion, while the federal excise tax on gasoline collects around $26 billion.

Another issue is that when advocates of one issue or another use the word “subsidy” in their propaganda, they often include tax credits. This is most often seen in papers produced by socialist and statist writing, where the purpose involves some measure that centralizes power in the hands of command government.

The expensive energy tech gets the pay-out subsidies, like the half billion dollars the solar energy company got, that was showcased by the Obama administration and promptly went bankrupt. Meantime, oil companies, not so much.

Memo: A tax credit is NOT a subsidy. i

The solution is to end ALL subsidies in ALL industries and give a 100% tax credit to everybody. Let the technologies find their own price points between pain and gain.

Demagogues always yell about Big Oil, and so do I, but the top-down political solutions ALWAYS WILL favor the BIGGEST corporations because (1) corporations are government creations and government-protected associations, and (2) government cronies sell monopoly-guaranteed law. Or discretionary prosecution. Or litigation overkill.


There are lots of scientists featured frequently here:

Scientists, including climatologists specifically, who oppose the shrieking AGW fear-monger and the ones who game the political subsidies for their research:

Michael Crichton and Al Gore once staged a debate in New York, each of them brought a scientist. The audience was polled going in strongly believing the plutocrats’ stories. After the debate it swung opposite.

Michael Crichton wrote a novel, State of Fear, packed with the real world numbers and charts that expose the hustlers and con game.

Climate-gate no doubt shocked some true believers but it’s hard to shake off the corporate-media-government hype.

Just remember, every time you see a move to centralize power, there’s some power-mad plutocrats and oligarchs in the background. And they almost always complain about themselves and point to oil industry subsidies to change the subject.

You want good, cheap, clean, abundant energy? Find “Eugene Mallove” and support the energy foundation he started after the billions-dollar subsidized hot fusion academic complex at MIT shut down their research into the discoveries of Fleischmann and Pons.

Go ask yourself why the environmentalist mafias are not demanding subsidies for THAT research.

Like Michael Crichton said (“Aliens Cause Global Warming”), whenever they say “consensus”, grab onto your wallet.


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