Copyright suits and Apple

Tot he gizmodo guys that praised Apple for winning ONE piece of a lawsuit against Samsung:

Right, like they invented pull-down menus maybe? Like maybe Altair came first, Commodore, and the other computer kits and parts that the garage buddies used to build their own? Babbage is irrelevant now?

There’s a big problem with copyright. Who knows who is best at doing things. A zillion patents and almost all of them useless for something new. Governments ignore the ones they want to ignore.

They’re all copying each other and tweaking little things to make it different to get their own. Oracle bought Sun so they could sue everybody it looks like. Time to blow the lid off these blocks against progress. Inventors have to see their employers get the profits of their ideas, because individuals don’t have a crony capitalist purse at beck and call.

Hollywood is the biggest thief of creativity, if copying your invention is theft. Biggest hypocrites. Patent extortionist owners of SCO-Unix wanted to use the government levers of monopoly grants for profit instead of doing business.

Maybe we could all do better without this albatross around the neck of the economy and small business?


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