Secessions in succession?

Well, Scottish politicians immediately called for a new secession referendum for them.

After the Soviet Union broke up all their subject republics declared political parity (independence) together with Russia.

Catalonia has been trying to secede from Spain.

Spain has a party that is talking about Spexit.
The Czech Republic and Slovakia seceded from each other and from the cobbled togoether Czechoslovakia.
A long time ago, West Virginia seceded from Virginia, and the political class has not accused them of racism for that.

ALL the old vassals of the Soviet Union (Poland, Ukraine, East Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary) all seceded from the Warsaw Pact.

A few years ago, Doral, Miami Lakes and a bunch of other neighborhoods partially seceded from Miami-Dade County (Florida)  when they voted to incorporate their own cities.
Ukraine seceded from the Soviet Union in 1991, but later on, after the Obama Administration engineered a coup, Crimea voted 90 percent in a referendum to secede from Ukraine and then to rejoin Russia.
Salvation Army, the United States, all of the present-day political nation-states in the Americas were formed by secessions from colonial European rule. Were these racist moves?


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