Economics, Trump, Clinton, War, Women

I have no illusions about Iran, Islamic radicals, and the hate that Obama and the SPLC and most of ACLU has for Christians and Christianity. They really hate Jesus, because they don’t separate Westboro Baptist for example from the Orlando hit, and some of them blamed Charles Dobson for Matthew Shephard’s death!

That said, peace is better than war, blowback makes interventions worse for the interventionist and has proven to be worse for the intervention target. Afghanistan is not better off, Iraq is much MUCH worse and unleashed ISIS and created another excuse to intervene in Syria (Hildabeast wanted a no-fly zone that could have ended up with a dogfight with Russian jets), Libya is a staging ground for Islamist terrorism in Africa, for flooding Europe from Africa and Asia with migrants, and much worse for civilians today than before, and much safer for al Qaeda.

Drone kills have not helped in Yemen, Somalia is still a mess, and having American boys killed all around the world is not helping. However, it is helping make the bankruptcy of the U.S. federal government –and consequently its economy– worse than ever.

Peace is better than war. The Hillary slams Trump for his economics, but she wants to continue the trillion-dollar boondoggle of US military intervention overseas. And now Panetta credits Hillary’s “inspiration” that encouraged him to go ahead and start sending women into combat.

How many women right now are thinking, “I didn’t sign up for this!”

Yeah, war is so unpopular that they now need to sign up women for the worst job in government. What an opportunity for women, right, but more than that, now they can be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs too! And sign up for conscription for war, the worst form of slavery in the history of the world (with the possible exception of gladiator battles).


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