No Brexit? Really?

Looks like Eric Margolis may be a closet globalist? I’m shocked!

He’s promoting the European Union where the unelected European Commission makes the most important decision like bringing millions upon millions of immigrants to collect welfare, bankrupting the people but not themselves of course. And praising the EU in this puzzling scrit:

For all its blundering bureaucracy, over-expansion, stultifying regulations, and lack of full financial integration, the European Union was a majestic, historic achievement for war-ravaged Europe. Today, the EU is the world’s leader in human rights, education, more humane treatment of animals, transportation, environmental protection and universal health protection.

Wow. Human rights? Like the “right” to pick our pockets to support gender confusion, men in women’s bathrooms, the Gramsci-style attack on Western culture, on Christianity, and the build-up of the infrastructure for world dictatorship.

All that “blundering bureaucracy, over-expansion, stultifying regulations” is done by unelected mini-tyrants just like the DC imperial bureacracy that only adds to the brutal oppression of the extortion necessary to support it. That includes the extortion of inflationary policies, a stealth theft to match tax theft.

Here is Nigel Farage exposing the European thieves to their face, hypocrites complaining about tax avoidance, listing a bunch of ways that these thieves make sure they don’t pay taxes:

Go see what Jesus had to say about these people who decide what the rest of us have to pay in taxes in Matthew 17:24-27.

Maybe you thought “Render unto Caesar” was the last word about taxes, Matthew 17 clarifies it. That was when they went back to the rulers of the Jews and said “No man ever spake as this man”.

CAESAR HAD NOTHING THAT HE DID NOT GET BY THEFT. And all the empires and kingdoms after that. Alexander Hamilton wanted to have a king, and he got it. But unlike the queen of England, our king is a dictator. Europe has a committee for dictator by stealth.

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