New York Times: Doublespeak Media House Organ Lies About Honduras

I only now came across this article that exposes this organ for world government propaganda once again.é%20Manuel

They’re crying that the conservative party (Nacional) pushed into place a change to the constitution to allow presidents to be reelected.

As is usual practice, though, they called it something else, they said the Supreme Court is the bad guy and they are the most dangerous branch of the government there. What they don’t say is that they are still hot and steamy that the Supreme Court issued arrest warrants against their own beloved leftist caudillo president who wanted to do exactly that back in 2009.

Of course there were twenty-plus criminal charges brought against Zelaya by the executive branch’s own top lawyer against him and the arrest was for that and more, including the theft of some twenty million dollars from the Central Bank.

Where were these useless shills when Chavez did exactly the same thing, except in that case, he executed Franklin Roosevelt’s own dream of changing ALL the branches of government to do his bidding. The first time a judge ruled against him, she was fired by her own branch.

This one statement is precious for its exposure of the NYT and all its siblings in Oligarch Media:

Honduran constitutionalism faces a number of important weaknesses. The Zelaya episode demonstrates that the Constitution cannot adequately address institutional crises or human rights violations. Furthermore, the existing text has proved unable to ameliorate the country’s severe economic inequality or its concentration of political power.

No kidding! That applies also to Zelaya’s blatant violations and grand theft nation crimes, bet you they didn’t think of that! It also applies to the renegade illegitimate in the imperial capital, too, the regime in these here United States. Don’t hear them complaining much about that!

In the very next paragraph is a giant, big, whopping LIE. They claim the judges did the bidding of politicians without public discussion. But it was a leading topic in newspapers for many years.

And after all the complaints in previous decades by leftists like the editorial chiefs about American interventions south of the border in favor of right-wing natives, now they repeat the Obama-Clinton folly of 2009 and issue proclamations calling this move “illegitimate”.

And so what’s the NYT solution? More money for what they call a rogue judicial branch! By which they mean bribes to them to do what they think is right (move left), to counteract the moves encouraged presumably by the other money they give to the politicians in power there, just like everywhere, to do the bidding not of the Honduran people, but what the new world government rulers (wannabe’s) want them to do.

Honduras should tell Washington D.C. to take their fake money and their fiat dollars and eat it! Take a hike! Then they’ll have to let the free market forces loose on Honduras to grow a tax base! Some at least!


How about let’s get out of NAFTA, NATO, the UN, push back globalism, bring the troops back here from the 100-plus nation-states around the world, seek peace not war, stop being the world’s policemen like leftists used to demand, cut the strings of crony capitalism, and let the free market loose again?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you….

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  1. safariman Says:

    U. S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens was very friendly with Mel Zelaya, a frequent guest in the Ambassadors Palace. Llorens cables, since Wikileaked called the whole thing an illegal coup, everything out of context. Naturally, lefties everywhere accept this as the true story.

    Reality: We were hairs breadth from prearranged Socialismo del Siglo XXI!

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