Maduro, Chavez, Venezuela and Honduras

My wife and step-kids are from Honduras. They are not as liberty-aware as I would like, and do not have a good understanding, but even 70 percent of Hondurans knew they did not want to fall into the Castro-Chavista abyss. The whole country marched against the Soros-Chavez-puppet Zelaya little wannabe dictator, after he started showing his true socialist colors.

He was arrested in the wee hours of Sunday morning June 28 (there are pix of him in suit leaving the Palace, not pajamas). The US Ambassador Hugo Llorens, had supported his fraudulent “referendum” and then the “survey”. Hugo Llorens had also been a “diplomat” in Caracas the year that Chavez was elected there.

The OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza that year started his political life as “the” political adviser for declared Marxist Salvador Allende too in Chile, during the time he totally destroyed their economy while building up stealth armament warehouses to be used by their stealth para-military militia, from all over the continent, training under Cubans and others.

Ha. Zelaya already had his Obama style coup going, and had apparently prepared to announce the “results” of the “survey” as soon as he could credibly do so, the numbers ready to go already. (Discovered later in a quiet State Department property. His Secretary of State was the brains of that operation (Zelaya was, and is, dumber than Maduro; my wife went to school with this son of a mass murderer).

PanamPost has good articles about Venezuela (and all Latin America) from a good libertarian perspective.


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  1. Safariman Says:

    Since Zelaya was a Chavez Puppet, and gaining lots of loot from Chavez’ once generous coffers, can you imagine where we’d be today with XXI Century Socialism?!!!

  2. trutherator Says:

    Yeah, Safariman, but looking at Venezuela and Ecuador today…
    But then Honduras made the continent re-think. And put some hope into the equation.

    • Safariman Says:

      I’ve lived in Honduras since 1995. Wealth in abundance, very poor management and no government sense.

  3. Safariman Says:

    In this Position, Mel Zelaya would have working with the US Embassy when a great deal with reconstruction funds were given for Hurricane Mitch. It is my understanding, hearsay really, that Hugo Llorens was a funcionary in the US Embassy in Honduras at that time, involved with funds distribution. Possibly a good friendship formed… Continue your research!

    “Como responsable del FHIS, Zelaya ejecutó los programas gubernamentales de promoción social, lucha contra la pobreza y descentralización de las administraciones locales. Aunque vertió críticas a las condiciones impuestas por el FMI para acceder a una línea de crédito, censuras que hizo extensibles al ajuste liberal decidido por Reina, el hecho fue que estableció un diálogo fructífero con el Banco Mundial y el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), los cuales financiaron los proyectos del FHIS y alabaron la gestión de su director-ministro. Designado vicepresidente de la Red Social de América Latina y el Caribe (REDLAC) en 1996, en las elecciones generales de noviembre del año siguiente salió elegido diputado por Francisco Morazán y en enero de 1998 el nuevo presidente liberal, el empresario y economista Carlos Roberto Flores Facussé, le confirmó en el Gabinete.”

    “La catástrofe provocada por el paso del huracán Mitch en octubre de 1998 complicó extraordinariamente el trabajo social de Zelaya, cuya condición de hombre de confianza de Flores quedó de manifiesto al ser nombrado asesor del Gabinete Especial de Reconstrucción Nacional, activado por el presidente en noviembre para reparar las devastaciones causadas por la inclemencia climática. Aquel año tomó asiento también en el Foro Nacional de Convergencia (FONAC), un marco en el que representantes del Estado y de la sociedad civil debatían con espíritu de consenso sobre diversas políticas nacionales.”


  4. trutherator Says:

    Yeah, Mitch. Honduras’ government got all kinds of aid from other governments and charities everywhere. My wife was so ashamed when the Queen of Spain took an aerial tour to view the reconstruction those funds had done, because there wasn’t any. U. S. built a temporary bridge to connect the two halves of the metro area, but at least a decade later there was nothing else.

    Man, I wish they would get going on those economic zones! I think they’re waiting for investors, but in my opinion all they would have to do is declare it, then prove they’re serious!

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