NYT hit piece: Thy name is Liar

That government mouthpiece spin rag has just run a propaganda hit against Trump. They found disgruntled ex-employees (You’re fired?) and jilted lovers and one Miss America who hurt his brand by going overweight.

That all you got?

I despise the idea that tariffs will solve anything but for a few companies maybe and make some union guys feel better. Making imports more expensive will hit many items that the poor buy. It is a common mistake by those who don’t grasp how international trade works in the context of political and economic dynamics. Plus other issues are involved like the Fed devaluing the dollar. China’s not the only one.

That said, get real. Every time the Establishment gov-spin media or Establishment party bosses slam him, the more his points go up.

Americans are voting for him because they want to upset their applecart. They are tired of war, tired of the Fed, tired of Wall Street hustlers, tired of promises trashed, tired of taxes, tired of their dollar’s buying power killed by government borrowing and spending, and this time they want the change they thought they were getting in 2008 but got bait and switch instead.

Americans are finding out that gov programs are killing wealth not creating it. Ron Paul let loose the freedom to think outside two-party dumbness.

Christmas meant much more than people realize when he said, “Yellow shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”



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