Election 2016: Bernie wildfire now spills outside the party

A Bernie-bot friend of mine sent me this link, and so, just when you thought the year in presidential sweepstakes couldn’t get crazier for Election 2016, here comes another shoe dropping. Hear it? https://www.facebook.com/groups/unitypartyusa/permalink/1536565726651304/

This is a draft-Bernie movement forming a new political party just in case Hillary Clinton secures her nomination and Bernie loses in his plan to use the delegates to upend the nomination.

Here comes the new United Progressive Party, formed up just for Bernie.

The link was sent to me from a Bernie-bot friend. I say that respectfully (in his case) because he is knowledgeable about processes and passionate because unfortunately he thinks this “democratic socialism” will help the poor, and doesn’t think much about the fact that every action gets a reaction and the law of unintended consequences.

Would that born-again Christians and libertarians had this fervor.

Alan Cassidy

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