Trump, Bolton and McCain

I’m not yelling at anybody, but that second cartoon was good. Even John Bolton and John McCain are saying the same thing. The ones on the fence will either endorse the last man standing or else they’ll fade away. McCain had a fundraiser appeal where he told donors to give to him because he’s afraid Trump will hurt the down-ticket, but he really knows the opposite is probably true based on this upside down year and the things that still are waiting to come up before November. (Even without the email scandal)

(The Bush-Romney gang thought they rigged an unbreakable firewall against libertarians and real conservatives, and along came the gadfly)

Kind of like the “Tyler Durden” nom d’plum at, you could say that like him, I might have been “rooting” for him to tear down the rotten RINO party bosses and Democrat Party adjuncts, but did not “support” him.

Tariff wars are devastating for (1) the poor (they make things more expensive), (2) bad for the middle class (they make things more expensive), (3) and for exports (Smoot Hawley showed this). In some other things, he’s TERRIBLE, like what he said about Snowden, but we’ll see….

And another couple of things. Libertarians are divided on the immigration topic. Some of us (me included) regard any government support for immigration as a type of government subsidy.

And many of us also realize that this mass importation of immigrants pushed by this Christian hating president is part of his push to destroy Christianity and the still-alive middle-country American culture. And independent thinking.

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