Timely warnings in new Charlie Daniels song

A bit late, though.

A good number of us have warned the nation, the States, of its impending fall in judgment by God for its many sins, the worst of which was that the people turned its back on God as a people in culture.

The church led the charge in stampeding into irrelevancy, after many decades of standing in the breech, holding the finger in the dike, standing guard and listening to God for guidance. I am talking about the Christians in the land, not the political rulers, who kept trying and kept trying.

One musical band from the 1960s era sang Sympathy for the Devil, with the lyrics reflecting the title. Later they sang Time is On My Side, by which in truth they meant that they are persistent and that they could hide better because they don’t mind lying and deceiving and biding their time till they get what they want.

What they want it their own Big Brother (remember Rare Earth, “You better get the people on your side”?). They want their Supreme Lord, the guy we Christians call the Antichrist, aka the Beast, and some Jews might recognize as “the prince of the people that shall come” as in Daniel 9:27.


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