Media shows the truth of Ben Carson’s criticism, again

(I’m responding here to a column at the politico web site because their comments require a Facebook login. I quit Facebook a long time agone, going through the extra steps to delete my presence there altogether, not just suspend my account.)

And there goes politico, in the reporting on the interview, showing another example of what Ben Carson says about the media, saying he “likened the delegate selection process to the Jim Crow laws of the South”, and then saying he didn’t mean to say that.

Summing up the effect of that sentence, they basically said he corrected himself, even as they included enough of the actual quote to show it was not a correction and NO, he did NOT “liken” the two things, he was just using examples of archaic rules that are NOT fair and do not accomplish what the party bosses tell us. In other words, also, the “rules” rob the voting franchise from the purported voter.

These guys must have gone to some off-the-books subtlety school to learn how to twist the reporting.

(P.S. It seems to me there is a startup-ready market waiting for alternative social media without the thought-policing they do. Facebook chief Zuckerburg agreed with Merkel to make new rules for Germany to block opposition to subsidizing a mass immigration wave of millions, for example, while the company issues a “pants-on-fire” statement saying they’re neutral on the presidential candidacy)


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