Farah, WND: Her’s why Cruz’s delegate flip strategy is more FRAUD than fair

Joseph Farah, who has built up World Net Daily into quite an Internet presence, has apparently been cheering for Cruz. Now at the link, he defends himself in light of thousands of comments in the feedback:

He says what Cruz is doing is okay because he’s simply working within the rules in his tactic of trying to make sure that national delegates vote for him on the second ballot.

BUT what he’s leaving out, whether from unwitting ignorance, willfull ignorance, or deceit, is…

The MAIN reason that the Cruz strategy of supposedly “flipping” votes is that it is a FRAUD, because CRUZ himself and his campaign staff are NOT doing what Farah says.

They’re doing that to, but we can see that the strategy in the campaign does not see the limits to their actions that way.

There is FRAUD because they are encouraging CRUZ supporters to put on sheep clothing and to be commit FRAUD, pretending FALSELY to be Trump supporters to the national convention.

The RNC and the Cruz campaign and the rest of the never-Trump operatives are all in for this attempt to again VIOLATE THEIR OWN RULES! BY FRAUD.

In Colorado, they “disappeared” a great many Trump delegates from the list. Anticipating another wave of Ron Paul type insurgency, they decided a year ago to avoid insurgent input so they could arrange this type of FRAUD if they had to, so they could make sure the country-club Establishment exclusive billionaire club could select the right candidate.

Saddam Hussein had rules too. Vote for Saddam Hussein, that was his rule. Your vote counts if it’s what the oligarch Rockefeller-wing of the party wants.



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