Trump, Cruz, Rules, Ron Paul, Colorado, and Why

And the reason none of the usual blabbermouth media or the candidates are talking about Ron Paul is that he is the reason for the rules and Ron Paul is the reason Colorado plutocrat operatives made sure they could game the system with party loyalists. You know RINO’s!

The Republican Party bosses lost a bunch of states in delegates to the Ron Paul supporters in 2012 who played BY THE RULES they had in place that obligated the party to do one round of balloting and allow Ron Paul’s name to be placed in play.

PANIC! So what do the plutocrats do when faced with people that played by the rules and pull off a surprise? Let them work themselves out and CHANGE THE RULES!

In a panic that some upstart overturn their applecart and their pig slop, oink oink, they changed the rules to make it harder for a Patrick Buchanan, Ron Paul, or even Rand Paul, or Donald Trump to make it.

This confirms what I’ve been pretty sure about for a long time now: That the primaries were only to allow an ILLUSION of influence to voters because their “Republican base” (on the Dem side too) get suspicious with the bosses forever running RINOs like Romneycare Mitt, John “what POWs left behind?” McCain, or Paul “Me or Pelosi” Ryan.. George W…

The reason Cruz knows the rules everywhere and had the delegates lined up is because (1) he is a mini-Bush, (2) his wife is a mini-Bush, (3) his first million-dollar push in politics came from the GRAND THEFT ROBBERS of Goldman Sachs (who stole that money from you and me), (4) his marriage was made in Bush-RINO heaven, (5) he is still financed by the same culprits who get crony money from D. C. (stolen from us) for taking care of the “illegal entrants” from Mexico and Central America that flooded over the borders (catch and release) two years ago and they’re still coming, (6) even with all that insider horse-trading, he SAYS he is an outsider.

The guy is counting on loyal dupes, with cavalier demeanor, so much that he thinks he got away with lying in Iowa about Ben Carson, and later somebody set Rubio back on his heels with a bad quote about the Bible.

Now, Mr. Neil “Silverado” Bush is treasurer for the Cruz campaign, and a bunch of Bushies are working in his campaign.

Nobody knows really what Trump will do, and he’s obviously not been politically suave (what a refresher) but he speaks off the cuff, and it comes off as honest. Is it? It’s more honest than the rest of them, that’s obvious to the intellectually honest viewer.

He has made some economically atrocious statements, but he has also said some things nobody else dares. Nobody knows what he’ll do, mostly, but some of it is consistent:

Iraq was a mistake.

The U. S. has too many troops “defending” nations that can very well defend themselves, and Americans are paying for it. It’s not fair to have thousands of troops in Europe, Japan, all over the place. Bring the troops home, bring that money home.

The U. S. is overwhelmed with illegal immigrants, and we need to put a stopper on it for awhile and look at it again. (Cruz was for it before he was against it, blah blah)

Cruz will make sand glow in the dark. Wait. Our ruling plutocrats have been bombing and bombing and invading and nation-building and all that for 15 years now, and how’s that working out for you? ISIS is pumped up with American armies and US-supplied fleets of Toyota trucks and got fat smuggling oil through Turkey protected by Obama and Clinton who were afraid of damaging the desert ecosystem. Gimme a break.

Bush started it and Obama-Clinton expanded it, and we get blowback, and more terror alerts. So the FBI can keep on doing the plots that they create, design, implement, supply and organize, so they can stop another plot! Republicrats, Demicans, married at the hip.

Trump says bring back the troops.

(My beef is with the idea of killing the families. This has multiplied bad guys’ ranks)

The wall, bringing home the troops, quit the useless NATO (presumably the U. N. too especially since – is the US still paying 90 percent of the United Nations budget?)

Tariffs are also a bad idea economically.

But anti-Trump mania does not become a thinking man. The straw that makes the difference is the war issue. He seems to be the one most likely to ratchet back all the war killing, the war grinder, and bring home that military money. We have borders to protect.


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