Pope, migrants,and the Gospel

Bergoglio, the current head of state in the Vatican, has performed a ceremonial washing of the feet of migrants of many faiths, Muslims, Orthodox, Hindu, Catholics. He condemned arms makers that want war and division, though the recent bombings were done with homemade concoctions and devices.

True enough on the war industry.

But then this Jesuit promotes the aggressions and theft of welfare states.


But “children of the same God”? Which one of the tens of thousands of Hindu gods would that “one” be? And which Muslim god would that be, since their imams claim that God has no sons? And what of the Bible, that says in John 3:36 that we are sons of God because we believe on Jesus Christ, and that those who do not believe on him once given the chance, “the wrath of God abide the on him.”


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