Yahoo report clueless about causes of Cuban malaise

Yahoo joins the chorus of clueless analysis of conditions in Cuba.

For example, some time back the Cuban government allowed some private food production to get to local markets. And like parrots they repeat the government line that this caused prices to rise, so some coops reverted to the state-run sources for the fixed prices. What they don’t mention though is that the fixed prices come with rationing that would seem cruel for the poorest of the poor in the US or anywhere else. And the rations do not come with guarantees that allowed quotas will be available.

If the US lifted the subsidies for some foodstuffs in the country, sure the price might well go up, but that would incentivize more production, and back and forth while prices stabilize with consumers and producers finding each other in the middle.

They do quote the guy that says this change if for the Cuban government rulers.

This writer says she found a man who remembers better days from when Russia subsidized the Cuban economy. Duh. I’m a bit surprised she couldn’t find someone who remembers the days when it was really really for real prosperous, during the days of Batista.

Then there’s the swipe at the United States over most Afro-Cuban families not having many relatives in the US and that’s why they’re more poor there.

Fact is, it’s true that the lighter-skinned Cubans –and the darker ones too– have a subtle discriminatory preference for lighter skin color. It’s also true that there are just not that many of the so-called “Afro-Cubans” who even wanted to migrate to the US. When the Castros took over in Cuba, they thought they would have a better life in Cuba. Most of the population alive there now grew up indoctrinating with blaming the embargo for their woes.

I have always wanted to see the island opened up for commerce, but one of the reasons is that the embargo is a convenient excuse for the rulers. But without an embargo, they still would have blamed the Yanqui for their economic malaise, like Venezuela does. Every other political jurisdiction in the entire world has been free to do trade with Cuba.

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