Medved blames Trump for behavior of Trump haters

Establishment Republicans and their agents and their fellow neocons are joining forces in anti-Trump hysteria. And instead of calling for and Soros and the leftists to denounce the violence of the violent disruptors at the Trump rallies, they are blaming Trump.

They are not blaming the ones causing the disruptions, they’re blaming the target, the victim.

What nobody is talking about is the fact that those same ones were the ones who started the retorts and divisiveness first. They called him clown, businessman, not serious, anti-immigrant (he meant illegal aliens not the legal immigrants and these media stars KNOW that).

The worst thing is that the attackers’ goals is to shut down the speaker. Would they say the same thing if Trump signs showed up at Sanders’ or Clinton rallies or Cruz rallies in the hands of screamers who want to shut down the rally? And rob the speaker and the attendees of an occasion of free speech and free assembly?

The name calling started with names for Trump like clown, clueless, racist, divider, interloper, birther, his hair, misogynist. So when given a chance, he simply returned retort for retort. So they said, See we told you so, knowing the Oligarch Media would join in. They thought he was playing along with them.

But he’s talking about reopening some whitewashed criminal investigations from the past. The Republicans saying he can’t win against the Dem opponent are lying. They’re really afraid he’ll win and upset their carefully laid gravy train of corruption and games with money.

It’s nice in away to see them squirm and act all guilty even if most Americans have not caught on yet to their perfidy.

But it’s not really funny, and is not pleasant to watch. There is a great collapse coming, the dollar and American economy will pull a lot of people down with it. The Bible says that the Lord has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. There are already a LOT of people, tens of thousands, who have paid for the slowly boiling political cauldron worldwide. Many of them have been our own sons and daughters dying for the few big corporations controlled by so few families.


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