Fox News has an “extreme, sick obsession” with Donald Trump

Megyn Kelly jumped into the middle of the dirty politics of the campaigns with the first debate, and Trump gave as good as he got, so now comes the billionaire-financed attack machine against Donald Trump:

And this after both Trump and Kelly had said nice things about each other!

Fox News seems like is now under the political ownership of neocons who are not afraid of a Trump mad with military power, like they claim, but they are in panic over fearing he is really going to bring troops home and he might even cut back on military bloat.

America has TEN TIMES the military budget of Russia. Troops in Europe and Japan where they’re not needed anymore. Ukraine is now run by the coup that was stamped Made in USA. False flags exposed in Alternative Media almost as quick as they do them and report the cover story. (Thanks to the Internet)


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