Cruz fruits

Cruz wants to increase funding for the bloated fat military-industrial complex. He wants to continue interventionism everywhere, especially in the Middle East in favor of Israel based on false Christian doctrine.

Cruz is very timid blames the country’s woes on Obama and the Dem Party, instead of charging at the money changers and stealth larcenous thieves of the Fed.

The fruits are also manifest in the very dirty tricks his campaign committed in Iowa against Ben Carson’s supporters and later against Marco Rubio.

There’s also the matter of hiding the financing deal he got with the million dollars his wife arranged from Goldman-Sachs. This is because he is hiding the fact that he is an insider’s insider.

He also got a position in George W. Bush’s administration. He criticized Trump blasting George W Bush for going to war against Iraq based on a great big fat lie.

I don’t like this, looking like I’m defending Trump, because I really don’t like what he says about tariffs. Not good. It seems like he leans a bit too much toward defending the police state. He emphatically does not talk like a libertarian.

However, he does appear to wearing his thoughts “on his sleeve”, so to speak, because it appears that he “speaks his mind”, opens it up, and lets you read it. Whence the apparent inconsistencies. They ask about his donations, he owns up to them, you have to mouth certain things to do business in a state where D-registration outnumbers R-registration by about 3-to-1. Anderson tried to corner him on this, but Trump left him nowhere to go.

The most important consistency he does have is the anti-war position he seems to take with respect to the wars we’ve been in. He’ll refigure he says. One other thing, he promised to put the brakes on government’s part in the increasing hostility to Christians. He’s honest about it. Better a Nebuchadnezzar that can learn to protect God’s people and respect Christian faith than a Pharisee who thinks being neutral is heresy in moderating Middle East peace.

I really don’t know how it will go. I don’t know what he’ll do. I do know things are going to be a big big mess really soon in the world, and in the USA, no matter who is president.

So seek the Lord while he may be found. Work while it is day, for the night cometh…


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