Andrew Klavan is angry (at Trump, really)

Andrew Klavan is “angry”.

Maybe he’s insane too. If you vote like you always vote, maybe you’ll get what you always got.

NOBODY knows what Trump would do. We KNOW what the other candidates that still have a chance would do.

They would engage in Libya the Sequel. Of course it’ll turn out different.

They’ll build up the military just like Trump says. But they’ll keep them in Europe and Japan. MEMO: World War Two ended 60 years ago!!! They’ll keep them in Korea. But the Vietnam War is over, and while nobody noticed or reported it, North Korea made overtures of a thaw to South Korea, to which the US responded with making joint exercises with South Korea bigger than ever before. Oh yeah, and South Korea tried to make a bomb and the US found out and stopped it.

First they ignored us. Then they laughed at us. Then they fought us. Next? Trouble for America, no matter who wins the WH. Headed for another crash much worse than 2008.


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