“Myth of the Rational Voter 2016”??

Since when is any of us so “rational”?3

Just came across “Myth of the Rational Voter 2016“.

How about a sequel: “The Myth of the Rational Libertarian”? I am libertarian, but some who fly the banner should put more thought and less elitist bias into their thinking, based on what some of them write sometimes.

Even Ron Paul, the least bigoted or biased man on the planet, said forcing people to assemble together was misguided because it’s na tural for people to seek out people they can relate to better.

Their is a dumb theory afoot that opposition to ILLEGAL immigration by Trump voters (the obvious “victim” of the libertarian analysis here) is a manifestation of what it condemns: a superficial bias. It’s elitism creep, with a dose of Ayn Rand’s elitist tilt.

I was raised by a single Mom and poverty requirements got me into a program designed for minorities but that was not discriminatory.

So I understand when young Joe Smith gets eliminated in his application to the fire department by bias against whites to favor the black guy who only passed muster because the bar was moved lower. It’s not only bad for the blacks who now expect –even demand as a right– government favor for their color, but it’s a direct and material insult to Joe Smith.

And then there’s not only the restaurant worker who sees immigrants competing for a job, but realizes a lot of them are “undocumented”. The citizen spurned for the newcomer.

In the country town, the guy who hired the guy from a foreign land and fired the neighbor for him, would be pariah.

Immigration is good in the macro, this is for sure. In times of bad economy, the poor of all colors pay.

So let’s stop it with this talk about “anti-immigrant” sentiment. You can’t argue against it if you don’t know what it is and don’t try to understand it with a bit more empathy.

And every group on Earth has an “anti-foreigner” bias based on the exact same reasoning.

it is the billionaires and political class of the globalist cabal who are the ones who are incentivizing these great migrations in the past few years by government policy. Financing wars that uproot great numbers of ethnicities all over the world.

In a libertarian world, where libertarian policy was respected with private property rights all around, every migrant would need some kind of invitation. Promises of government money would not happen.

Welfare money and preferences for immigrants imposed by the political class are the major motivations for immigration in the US and Europe right now. Children get better food and better facilities just by showing up, supplied by crony corporations and companies with money from the federal government’s taxes and loans. That means WE pay for it. With EXTORTION transfers.


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