First they ignore you…. Both political boss gangs join forces…

Oh, wow. The Dems now are uniting, even Sanders with Hillary and and other Soros-financed activist groups, to join Cruz and the Republican Party bosses, to stop Trump.

First they ignore you (as a real candidate), then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.

That’s what it’s looking like now, and they’re at the third stage.

This reminds me of when the entire Globalist Establishment joined with North Korea in condemning the actions taken by the Honduran government, the Attorney General, the Supreme Court, the Congress (elected by the same electorate that supposedly put the president in office), to stop the auto-coup and overthrow of the republic (and what passes for “democracy” today) initiated by Manuel Zelaya. Yes, the move and transitional government with Micheletti supported by almost every single civilian group, including the Protestants, the Catholics (including their cardinal), the Chamber of Commerce, the unions (except the teachers’ union that spends half the school year days on strike every year), the parents, the president’s own political party (Liberales), the poor, the rich, the in-between. The interim president did not exaggerate when he told Gretchen of Fox News that fully 80 percent of the population supported the actions.

After that day they found computers pre-loaded with the “results” of the illegal fraudulent supposed “referendum/survey” in the offices of the State Department (Foreign Minister), which was headed by the person many suspected was the architect of the “socialist” putsch, Patricia Rodas. The police forces then started deporting thousands of Nicaraguan and Venezuelan infiltrators who were there to help agitate the gullible into throwing themselves at police and army regulars to try to provoke a reaction. Some of them were caught on private phone cams beginning a shootout with the Army near the Nicaraguan border. A clandestine home-made arms factory disguised as a trade school was discovered after a tip and shut down.

Then began the professional hits against government officials that had participated in the resistance against the attempted auto-coup by Zelaya. The chief prosecutor who had brought the charges against him to the Supreme Court and got the orders to stop the illegal abuses, was attacked in an obviously professional hit that killed his chief bodyguard, but did not stop him. The reporter that was the most persistent in demanding that the would-be tyrant stop his illegal dictates and exposed the motives and the Chavez connections got two very nasty assassination attempts against her. A reporter colleague and a daughter of hers paid with their lives in the attempts.

And the answer from the Reporters Without Borders web site, was, Don’t “politicize” this. This is a group that has politicized every hit on every leftist it ever heard about.


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  1. safariman Says:

    Excellent Analysis!

  2. trutherator Says:

    Thank you, Safariman! Stay tuned!

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