Did Sanders oppose Obama’s Monroe Doctrine leftist imperialism against Honduras?

But did Sanders oppose the Obama-Clinton administration trying to install a Communist-Chavista puppet in Honduras?

“The word on the street” was that the “bachelor” United States ambassador to Honduras, Hugo LLorens, was a secret lover with Zelaya’s son. Zelaya said later he “had to” sign the agreement that the U.S. brokered with the Honduran government because they threatened to arrest his son for drug trafficking. (The son was living in the States at the time.)

Hugo Llorens was a high official in Venezuela at the time Chavez took over, and then he was the US ambassador in Honduras at the time Zelaya tried to pull the same stunt in Honduras. Llorens condemned the “coup” against the auto-coup plotter Zelaya and neglected to mention to international “human rights” investigators that he had been fully supporting the fraudulent “referendum” Mr. Z. had planned and was quoted in Z propaganda that he thought it was a good idea, or that he was in Zelaya’s presidential palace the night before plotting for the next day’s takeover by Zelaya, when he planned to pull the auto-coup “out of the closet”.

“Human rights” organizations, government-financed NGO’s, oligarch financed NGO’s, governments, international media cartels, and the entire United Nations universally condemned the “coup”, which restored constitutional and republican order (such as can happen there) in Honduras.

Hondurans did not want to become another Venezuela or Cuba, but that didn’t matter to the NWO oligarchs. The unanimous agreement among all governments, loyal media, and the international political cartel, was amazing in its defiance of the obvious coordination of their actions.

It seems they don’t care anymore that their actions are so obviously suggestive of conspiratorial and in broad daylight. Not by everybody involved, of course. The architects, some visible some not, are the liars.


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  1. Safariman Says:

    Thank God a few understand the reality in Honduras in 2009! Thank you Trutherator!

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