Trump and Hitler?

I am not a Trump voter. No matter what anybody says, nobody knows what he will do if he actually gets into the presidency. In fact, this is exactly what the ruling class hates about him –they cannot claim control over him.

Here’s a hilarious perspective about the comparisons of Trump with Hitler:

That’s why they are now leaning toward the other guy were pretending to despise so much, Ted Cruz. As Roger Stone has reminded us that Cruz has ties to the Bush “crime family” from when he was a young guy. He met his wife while working for the first Bush campaign, happily joined the first Bush government, while his wife became a Goldman Sachs executive, his first political campaign was financed by stealth funding from Goldman Sachs. While pretending to be such a dedicated Christian he administered a hand slap punishment for the staffer who lied to Iowa about Ben Carson. The embrace war-supporting Christian Pharisees supporting him that reflect his warped foreign policy pronouncements top off the list of sins.

While the ruling class (aka The Establishment aka Wall Street aka central bankers) whips up hate against Trump and calls him dangerous, their financiers like George Soros have successfully funded the riotous agents provocateurs who used a mob to shut down the Trump rally in Chicago on March 11.

The ruling class, and the organization bosses that agitate under “color” of race, continue to yell what they will to shut down dissenting anti-Establishment voices.

Very interesting, after that one time with Bernie Sanders when he let them speak whatever they felt like after stealing the show literally, they quit bothering his rallies. It took the wind out of their sails I guess, since it looks like what they really wanted all along was something like the incident in St. Louis where they started some physical confrontations.

Here’s a media story interpretation guide. When they explain that a melee started when “fights broke out” between the two sides.

I also note that Trump supporters are not disrupting Black Lives Matter press conferences, or rallies, or meetings, they are not yelling protests, they are not demanding that universities shut out leftist voices.

Trump supporters are not trying to muzzle Bernie Sanders at the socialist’s campaign rallies by yelling slogans and grabbing microphones on the podium.


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