“Poorly educated” – The anti-Trumps call us worse in private

So now we have it.
Snotty-nosed elitist class contempt has arrived in the media. “Down with Goldstein!”

The anti-Trumps are yelling that Trump loves the “poorly educated” but turn around and call his supporters “stupid”, “low information”.

Will I vote for Trump? No. But people tolerate him because they love to see somebody stick it back to the people who turn up their noses at the stink of rednecks, NASCAR fans, Western ranchers, white trailer trash, hillbillies, people who cling to their guns and their religion, Christians, conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, gun nuts, micro-agressors, immigration protestors, Bill Clinton rape victims, and all those toothless incestuous bumpkins in West Virginia (worst attribute: too close to D.C.) and ex-gays (who don’t exist).

37 percent of federal prisoners: illegals.

Most Latinos in the USA are Mexicans.

Mexicans are despised by Central Americans because Mexicans treat them the way the Mexicans claim the U.S. treats them. (Jorge Ramos of Univision almost never pesters Mexican administrators about it. Poor persecuted racist victim Jorge Ramos has had a LOT more breaks than I have) ..And Central Americans still watch a lot of Mexican soccer games.

Mexico deports more illegals than the U.S:

Jorge Ramos says building that big wall is a crazy idea that will never work.
If it would not work, why do they protest so much? (Cue Shakespeare quote here).

Trump says the Iraq invasion was a big mistake and things are worse than they were before.

While Chris Christie sounds eager to shoot down a Russian plane, ONLY Rand Paul objects to WW3.

Trump is the only one talking openly about a possible Hillary Clinton prosecution. Among Republicans!

(No I’m not voting for him, I’m not voting for any of the present selection our masters have allowed us)


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