Christianity and Liberatarianism

I just listened to the recorded hour of this debate between Dr. Horn and Dr. Mohler about libertarian Chrstians at

I just wanted to address your closing comments. First off, though, your balanced moderation of this debate was excellent and you gave voice to both sides fairly.

In closing you mention issues that you think require interventionism in foreign affairs, surely based on Christian compassion.

The Christian AND libertarian response is the same in such a case: personal voluntary intervention does NOT require an institution with a monopoly of force. In fact the mass genocide of “unwanted” babies n the Greek and Roman Empires ended when Christians saved as many babies as possible from death. Christian couples often even waited by a riverbank to catch babies thrown into the river by their mothers or fathers, and eventually shamed society into ending infanticide.

Nowadays with the resurgence of pagan government worldwide, there is no way Christians can trust interventionism. Our ruling class lies to us, massively, to support their wars in the name of such compassion but we see in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and now Syria that the idea that a conquest by force and forceful intervention have only made things worse for everyone in those countries and here in the USA as well. But not only that, America’s interventions have made things colossally worse for CHRISTIANS in those areas.

The best protectors of Christian populations in Iraq and Libya, and the entire Middle East, for example, before, were Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gaddafi. And the one remaining is Assad, who a few years back even gave a green light to showing a Christian documentary in all the country’s theaters about the life of Paul.

Thank you



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