Borking? How about Miguel Estrada the sequel?

Republican voters, and especially tea party voters including Trump voters, would rage against any caving of Republican party bosses to an Obama appointee.

Don’t put it past them to do more kamikaze. They joined in, pretending to “cave”, with everything Obama wanted, after the Obamacare attack.

People in “flyover country” know who the new minority is. They’re variously known as rednecks, white trash, incestuous, gun nuts, religious fanatics, and worse.

Try on this guy’s story for size:

I’m a British immigrant, and grew up in a northern English working-class town. Taking my regional accent to Oxford University and then the British civil service, I learned a certain amount about my own class consciousness and other people’s snobbery. But in London or Oxford from the 1970s onwards I never witnessed the naked disdain for the working class that much of America’s metropolitan elite finds permissible in 2016.

When my wife and I bought some land in West Virginia and built a house there, many friends in Washington asked why we would ever do that. Jokes about guns, banjo music, in-breeding, people without teeth and so forth often followed. These Washington friends, in case you were wondering, are good people. They’d be offended by crass, cruel jokes about any other group. They deplore prejudice and keep an eye out for unconscious bias. More than a few object to the term, “illegal immigrant.” Yet somehow they feel the white working class has it coming.

My neighbors in West Virginia are good people too. Hard to believe, since some work outside and not all have degrees, but trust me on this. They’re aware of how they’re seen by the upper orders. They understand the prevailing view that they’re bigots, too stupid to know what’s good for them, and they see that this contempt is reserved especially for them. The ones I know don’t seem all that angry or bitter — they find it funny more than infuriating — but they sure don’t like being looked down on.

Many of them are Trump supporters.

Granting the appeal of the straight-talking outsider, one still must ask, why Trump? I mean, he doesn’t actually talk straight: In his own inimitable way, he panders like a pro. Shouldn’t it matter to someone who usually votes Republican that Trump isn’t a conservative — that, in policy terms, he isn’t really anything? He’s a liar and proud of it, transparently cynical and will say whatever comes into his head. How could anybody trust this man?

Yet, contrary to reports, the Trump supporters I’m talking about aren’t fools. They aren’t racists either. They don’t think much would change one way or the other if Trump were elected. The political system has failed them so badly that they think it can’t be repaired and little’s at stake. The election therefore reduces to an opportunity to express disgust. And that’s where Trump’s defects come in: They’re what make him such an effective messenger.

The fact that he’s outrageous is essential. (Ask yourself, what would he be without his outrageousness? Take that away and nothing remains.) Trump delights mainly in offending the people who think they’re superior — the people who radiate contempt for his supporters. The more he offends the superior people, the more his supporters like it. Trump wages war on political correctness. Political correctness requires more than ordinary courtesy: It’s a ritual, like knowing which fork to use, by which superior people recognize each other.

All that stuff about racism is a hypnotic drum beat from the hoi polloi who would never think of getting down and dirty in Harlem. The politicians among them might open an office in Harlem but you won’t catch them on candid camera giving a rip or expressing any kind of homage to the God that almost every black person on the streets reveres.

I don’t like the patriotic cry of “Okie from Muskogee” but I understand the blast at the snobbish classes that disdain the kind of people you’ll find where my parents grew up, and even where I grew up. Across the river and down aways from where I grew up you’ll find the birth place of Gretchen Wilson who also blasted away with “Redneck Woman.”

The black poor are mentioned all over the place in the upper class pity parties, but the true vitriol is reserved for the white poor that dares to object being rejected for a less qualified “minority”.

God is not mocked. Middle America knows it is hated and ignored by the Country Club Republican Part bosses and they are not fooled by Trump either.

Their support for Trump in part is based on the kinship of persecution. The same hate that the ruling class has for rednecks that cling to their guns and their religion is being showered upon this upstart billionaire that blasts away without apologizing for remarks that tell the truth about the massive catastrophe the ruling class has driven the nation into.


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