Blaze and Matt Walsh join the Snobbish Class

The Blaze hit piece against the majority of the Republican grassroots electorate, tea party activists, and rednecks:

The Blaze is Glenn Beck’s narcissistic sandbox exercise. They guy was a bit of a novelty at first, but then rocketed to the depths quick, starting before even his exit from Fox. All his talk is about Look at Me. The Blaze is his wet match. Beck is shouting his love for the Republican do-nothings* with this visceral hatred for the guy (Trump) who is getting the love and attention Glenn Beck. The establishment Republican Party channel, Fox, that pulled a trick that got Judge Andrew Napolitano out of his own program, one of their most popular one, dissed him. So he started pretending to be a libertarian and they laughed it out of court (John Stossel was polite about it). So now it’s him yelling at the wind.

*(..Republican do-nothings motto: Never stand in the way of a good Obama program, fund it instead).

Some of us who truly despise the two-party political cartel and the associated shadow cabal from a perspective of paying attention to views opposite our own, and we are not fooled one second by Trump. Our not-fooled attitude has to with a reasoned perspective on what to expect or the prospects of surprises in a Trump presidency. He is clueless about real economics, but still shows independent thinking when asked about the Fed and about American meddling where it should not.

Many of us are cheering that a brash outspoken upstart is being successful turning the Establishment lies on their own head, hanging them on their own lying petard of the electoral farce. The Establishment uses the fraud of elections to fool us into thinking we have a say, then one after another they do whatever the hell they want to.

The government-media complex says they love democracy so much, and they tell us that’s why they need to buy even more trillions of dollars of weapons and services from Lockheed, Boeing, Blackwater, and other sponsors hidden behind layers of consolidators and PACs and campaign funds.

But then the Internet has exposed for anybody who cares to look, what the Establishment thinks about majority vote with the way they cheated the rules to keep Ron Paul from getting put in for first ballot and trying to make it harder for upstarts in the future. Conservatives got the same shaft with the rules changes.

Voters are tired of it. Marco Rubio got elected on a Tea Party platform and immediately blew off the invitation to the Tea Party Congressional Caucus to kiss up to the party bosses.

People are still mad about that. They’re still mad about the (bipartisan all-in!) bail-outs of the richest billionaire bankers on the planet in 2008 too. That’s why they don’t trust somebody who got his first introduction to political office in a ride on millions of dollars from his wife’s employer, a bailout bandit, Goldman-Sachs. And many of them jumped ship when they saw the lying and cheating in Iowa from that guys’ campaign staff with nobody getting fired for it. Second cheating round with the slur against Rubio, he had to fire somebody.

Now comes the plutocrat PR campaign in earnest, and Glenn Beck’s Blaze is happy to lead the charge, if he can just get out in front of the rush of the rich.


Snobs hate rednecks! And you thought America had no snobbish upper class?! Hah. Snobs hate duck hunters, farmers, country church preachers, small towns, and whoa! Don’t talk to them about ranchers out West! Don’t mention Southerners! Don’t mention ex-gays to them, or scientists who believe Genesis is factual history, or scientists who scoff at the global warming hoax. Or the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The hate for Trump oozes out of the bodily orifices of the scum of the American demographic. That’s the dross and dirt that rises to the top. They hate independent thinking and people who dare to tell the Thought Police to drop dead.

Ron Paul was very polite and chose his vocabulary accordingly. None of these Thought Police plants in the Globalist Media was able to catch him in any of the usual failures of politicians, infidelity, drunkenness, or least of all, hypocrisy. They tried to get him on racism and it backfired into their faces. To this day Obama has refused to do what Ron Paul promised to do to the worst vestige of racism days and pardon the non-violent drug offenders.

So instead they got Trump.

The “handicapped” reporter Trump mocked, say Trump did know, deserved it from the backstory. He wrote the article about Muslims dancing. The New York Times has certainly done MUCH WORSE than Trump. They did a hit piece on Rand Paul that accused a great economist and thinker Walter Block, misquoting him out of context as saying “slavery was not so bad”.

The NYT lives in a glass house and they should not be throwing stones. Their libelous arrow was aimed at a man who also says freed slaves should have been able to sue their former “owners” for damages, up to and including putting the former slave-owner into slavery himself.

Generally Trump’s slurs and hits are just return missives. The words he had for Rosie O’Donnel were directed at Rosie, and nobody else, not meant for women. The words he had for the reporter were not directed at the handicapped but at that reporter denying the story he wrote.

Remember, these are the Republicans and Democrats who never did anything about Bill Clinton’s serial rapes and they avoided calling Hillary Clinton on her own Mafia-style war against those women as if it were radioactive material. All this is “too hot”, one Congressman told Larry Nichols to his face.

And Trump NEVER said he’d like to have sex with his daughter. He was OBVIOUSLY saying she was an attractive woman for somebody to date.

Remember, political cartoons in the Blaze and the New York Times and the cartoons they link to, go a LOT farther in emphasizing the less-pleasant features of political targets. I remember well-circulated caricatures of Nixon’s facial hair from 1960s. (Some said Nixon had to shave three times a day to avoid an unshaven look.) Obama’s ears exaggerated. Obama’s effeminate throwing arm.

The Trump accusers of today were only yesterday making fun of his hair.

Trump mocked John McCain and the “mocking” consisted of saying he like veterans who managed to avoided capture. Why should McCain get a pass for being a RINO and blocking POW investigations just because he was a POW?

There are some Vietnam vets who publicly and bitterly have complained loudly about the POW’s that America left behind in Vietnam and about how McCain got out only because his daddy was an admiral. And McCain has been the biggest brick wall that stops inquiries about the POWs and MIAs left behind. North Vietnamese generals are on record as delighted to see him in office, a great friend during his prisoner days.

Twist and turn. This writer Walsh doesn’t like it when somebody twists his words.

This overkill and hyperbole and outright lying (like quoting Trump as saying he’d “like to have sex with his daughter”, something he never said), it really makes the accusers look really bad.

The worst part is that you lose credibility when you criticize a comment that does show off-the-cuff lack of judgment, like him saying he would order drone kills on terrorists’ families.

But so what? The Blaze supports the kill list against terrorists that Obama orders every week (or daily?). Those drones ALREADY kill their families, plus any innocent neighbors or cousins that happen to be around. THAT has caused Americans more headaches and heartaches than anything else.

But they can’t beat that drum much without exposing the rest of the alternatives (Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Chris Christie, probably even Ben Carson, plus Hillary and probably Sanders) as worse.

As to dangerous, how can anybody be more dangerous than letting Turkey shoot down a Russian bomber?

Of the government-media complex approved candidates, how can anybody be more dangerous than supporting a shooting war to remove Assad while Russian military forces are in the country by invitation of the sitting president, to support him?

What can be more dangerous than supporting the forces that want to wipe out Christianity in Syria? For God is not mocked.

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