Are the Republican candidates Biblical Christians

NONE of the Republican Party candidates follow the Bible, any more than the major Democrat Party candidates. Ben Carson sees like an exception, probably the most genuine in his expressions of faith.

The second that Republicans got control of the Congress (Bush years, Reagan years) they could have passed legislation forbidding the Supreme Court from considering ANY case relating to abortion, or gay marriage, prayer, religious monuments, any of it.

And a true Christian of Biblical conviction would have blown off the media and put brakes on the runaway Supreme Court judges.

That’s what Ron Paul did. He proposed these very measures and those “representatives” laughed at him, and then nearly broke the gavel at the convention in 2012 blowing away his delegates after cheating their way through 2011 and 2012 did not stop his supporters.

The nation will anguish now for awhile, in the lead-up to the culminating events of end-time prophecy.

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