The Establishment’s own anti-Establishment candidate

Ted Cruz: The anti-Establishment candidate the Establishment can live with…

Pretends to be against the police state, surveillance state
…but thinks the NSA should know about your ever phone call
….(Because the president needs to know who is against the Federal Reserve, who has a Ron Paul bumper sticker, who is a constitutionalist, who thinks the federal government should return Western lands to the ranching families they stole it from, who thinks they should abolish the IRS, who owns a gun, who likes guns…)

The “Goldman-Sacs husband” candidate that got his start in Texas financed (quietly) by Goldman Sachs..

The guy that went missing in the chance to vote for the first bill that would Force an audit on the bankers cartel that has been destroying the economy for 100 years… And gave trillions of dollars to European banks and private companies…

A libertarian who wants to keep giving money to the political rulers in countries that don’t need it..

One can agree that Cruz is not a “fire-breathing extremist”. No, that kind of guy cannot get big banker money.

Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice… And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue — Barry Goldwater.

Ted Cruz says he’s not going to make a scapegoat sacrifice of the liars and cheats that said Carson was dropping out of the race. Carson supporters and everybody else reacted as anybody would but now he’s blaming CNN and media for trying to stir up trouble.

==> That kind of talk exposes him as a poisonous snake with a forked tongue. Better for him if he had said nothing but he had to answer. It confirmed it for me.


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