The Revolt

This is what I’ve been saying. This guy (Bernie Sanders)  isn’t even talking about rolling back out the craziness of the Ponzi social security program and the other or FDR’s upside down economics. Instead of admitting he kept the poverty going with his anti-poverty programs, while the richest bankers still made good, they loosed the market for awhile but kept the programs. Dumb. And wrote history backwards. AND THEY LET THE ARCHITECTS OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION GO SCOT FREE THE FEDERAL RESERVE.

“I think what were seeing is the long overdue reckoning for the mistakes of the 60’s and 70’s. The disastrous welfare programs, the massive expansion of the federal state, the rise of Cultural Marxism as the official religion of the ruling elite. The squalor of the 70’s should have forced a roll back of all these things. What should have happened in the 80’s and 90’s was a return to normalcy. Instead, the credit boom put all that on hold.”


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