What did we get for near 10,000 Americans war dead this century?

Wikipedia says it’s 6.717 American military deaths in the Iraq/Afghanistan wars.
That’s not counting in other places that we don’t know about (National Security secrets), Europeans, allies, enemies, civilians, and future blowback deaths.

The people of the U.S. got nothing for its destruction of Libya but a free-range safety zone for ISIS. Stopping Gaddafi’s gold currency did nothing to save the power elite’s US$. Americans have nothing positive to show for Iraq.
Nothing positive to show for Afghanistan.
A bunch of problems and nothing positive to show for intervention in Ukraine.
Shooting down a Russian jet near the border of Syria and Turkey only showed Russia, Syria and the entire world that the rulers of the USA are not interested in finding peace.

Christians are worse off today in Iraq than before the Bush invasion (supported by Hillary and the Dems). For Saddam we got ISIS.

Christians are worse off today in Libya than they ever were. For Gaddafi, we got a safe zone for al Qaeda and ISIS, and arms for ISIS in Syria.

Christians are worse off for the drone bombing blowback for killing civilians.

Christians are worse off in all of North Africa.

More money for the Pentagon and things made worse. Solution, throw more money and make things double-worse.

Oh yeah, bomb bomb Iran? Loco loco loco.


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