The Earth and the Universe

The curvature of the earth was known to the ancients.

The “flat earth” was an invention, it seems, of one of the biographers of Columbus who exaggerated this, just like the shrills for Darwin who play up the lady’s retort with the infinite stack of giant turtles upon which the earth sits.

Then there is DNA. The “Authorized Version” is the only one that makes clear that Psalm 139:16 was, as we can see now, a clear specific reference to the way DNA works.

That shows the fruits of doubt of the translators of the modern versions who cannot believe it. So they translated it to God knowing “all our days” instead of what it says, “members”.

There is Job 26:7 also.

Astronomers and astrophysicists have found that the “neighborhood” of the Milky Way galaxy, and indeed the universe extended out from it, when viewed in a 3-dimensional model, have an apparent orientation around the Milky Way galaxy. This is not a Creationist discovery. This is the Darwinian long-ages guys saying this. Wired Magazine even printed an article on this (I read it with my own eyes). The writer visited one of those “natural history” museums or maybe a planetarium and they had a giant physical three-dimensional model on the floor. He said he was struck by that.

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